Thursday, December 8, 2016

Waiting for the snow!

Low clouds and dark ones made the trip to the refuge a maybe for any kind of good photos, but it is an 'always' for peace of mind. Plus have to see what's up!
Harriers, Eagles, Kestrels, GBH, Wrens, and various ducks - all on a cold damp day in the swamp!

We were greeted by the Bald Eagle on the dead tree - nice to see one for a change.

Here's a duck that I had never seen before. Still checking it out.

Then I sat and watched this GBH wander down the canal. In this sequence he shakes his right wing, then his left wing, then himself!

While watching the GBH, this wren popped out and played in the grass.

Another set of ducks that I am not familiar with - lots of checking to do.

No trip to the refuge is complete without the cutie here stopping by for a photo op!

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