Thursday, December 29, 2016

Visiting Antelope Island

Diana and I spent several hours enjoying the beauty of the island today. The biggest surprise were the porcupines hanging out in Russian olive trees; but the most fun were the young coyotes that entertained us.  The most hilarious was the Magpie that flew down to the truck as soon as we stopped and started asking for food!
Here's some shots from the day.

What's a trip to Antelope Island without a Buffalo photo?

This guy greeted us early on.

This scene reminds me of the song - Home, Home on the Range.....

Here's the very forward Magpie!

Bet this is the first time you've seen eye to eye with a porcupine!

Sometimes the view just has to be captured! - Or at least attempted.

Here's the delightful young coyotes..

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3 C's in SLC said...


Once again, I just have to say how very, very talented you are! While I don't frequently comment, please know that I always take the time to look at your amazing pictures. You have such a sharp eye for the beauty that surrounds us. You bring that reality to us through your pictures and with it comes a sense of wonder and grace. Thank you!