Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago yesterday we moved into this house. The year has been quite an adventure with ups and downs and much learning about the eco-system out here. Rather than bore you with stories I thought a good way to celebrate the anniversary is to show you photos of new life that we have bursting out all over the area.
Most of what we planted has come to life this year and some are slower than others so the jury is still out on them. The last frost day we had seemed to 'bite' a few of the more tender plants but most are recovering. Diana is finding new plants (not a surprise, right!?) and we are preparing the raised beds for first plantings and running the drip system out to them. Most of what we have is on drip except for the lawn sprinklers. Sure takes a load off!
Here's some of the budding beauties...

Smoke tree

Burr Oak - we brought this one from Kensington


Tulip tree

Silver Linden tree


Fringe tree


Peonie from Kensington that survived in a pot!

Serviceberry - the first shrubs to be planted.

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