Monday, October 6, 2014

Desert wandering

Murph and I spent some time walking the desert over the other side west of the Stansbury mountains. Horseshoe Springs was our initial destination but with a few vehicles there we decided to go farther along. There is a lot of water in that valley if you go west so that is what we did - a long walk but fun, Murph scared up a couple of 'jacks and chased one. Hawks were out but a little skittish and a very small snake showed itself - not sure if it was a rattler or not. A great day and a great way to spend time.

This was one of two young red-tailed hawks that were playing around the telephone pole. One flew away when I stopped but this one was very curious.

B&W of Murphy the rabbit chaser in the desert.

Water is available - just have to find it.

Long walk back to the truck!

Little snake - made no threats at all.

Sunrise over the valley, GSL and Ogden.

This is a Red-Tailed Hawk!

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