Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rainy Day

Monsoon season in Utah - such as it is. We had some very nice lightning shows last night and a fierce and intense but brief thunderstorm this afternoon. More is forecast over the next couple of days and the coolness and water are very welcome.
The mud it creates is not, but until we get grass and then handle the outlying areas it is something we have to put up with.  We were reading a brief history of the Tooele valley and adobe brick was one of the earlier products - and we can see why!  Maybe we can make some out of the mud and get something useful from it!!!
In the meantime here's a rainstorm shot and then the 'wet' dry stream bed. iPhone photos.

The garage view during the storm.  We planted the Bristlecone Pine in a place of honor at the head of the stream bed.

The dry stream bed with water in it.  The black hose is a drain off the roof on the front of the house - it gets a lot of water from the roof and puts it very nicely here.

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