Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mountain Retreat

We spent last weekend with friends at their cabin above Fairview overlooking Gooseberry Reservoir. The beauty of the retreat was enhanced by the wildlife we saw - mostly birds. Here's some of the highlights from the weekend.

Sandhill cranes walk slowly away from us and over the hill into the safety of the valley - these prehistoric birds are something else to see and hear.

This unafraid little guy buzzed the truck a couple of times before stopping in the road for a photo op - then he disappeared!

Meandering stream that feeds Gooseberry reservoir.

Raptors were everywhere and sitting on the front deck of the cabin meant they would come by regularly to check us out.

Chippie checked out the remains of the barbecue left on the barbecue brush.

A new batch of nectar and a little time and the hummers came back and got pretty comfortable with us humans.

Hawks and prairie falcons checking us out.

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Gail said...

Nice bird pics.