Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wildlife Management Jewel

Murph and I spent a couple of hours at a new - to us - wildlife management area in the Salt Lake Basin. The big deal for me was to get out with Murph and get a good walk in as we have been so pre-occupied with the house stuff. Secondly, it was rumored that there were Peregrine falcons in the area - a must see if possible. So off we went!
A three mile hike later we had seen a lot and enjoyed a decent workout. Murphy had plenty of water around so he would drop into it as needed for a drink or just to cool off.  Not a lot of shorebirds yet, a few ducks and some wonderful white pelicans. The big attraction was the Peregrine nest and the two falcons that buzzed me as I got too close! A wonderful day in a gorgeous setting!

"Found objects" like these always make me wonder how they were put together and why!

Wary but not too frightened, these guys huddled before moving away - almost like planning their next moves.

Fantastically colored duck and reflection.

The two peregrines buzzed me until I moved far enough away..

Looking back I caught the peregrine on his perch above their house.

Concrete steps in the middle of nowhere - gotta be a story there!

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