Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Change is the only constant in life...

For the last couple of years Diana and I have looked off and on at moving to a more rural environment. Then along comes a couple of incidents to spur us and voila! we find a place that is just right for us.
So we now own two houses, our house in SLC and a brand-new house in Erda, UT - out in the Tooele valley. It sits on an acre of land and has views of the wide open country! At 1800+ sq ft on the main floor, we can live on one level without stairs.  Basement will remain unfinished until.... A nice deck will be part of the deal also. It is rural enough for us but close enough to SLC and friends and family.
More garage space that I will know what to do with :-) and a blank palate for Diana to create gardens of various sorts. Very exciting. We'll probably move the first week of May and hopefully our current house will be sold quickly.
Here's a couple of looks at the outside - more coming for the inside when carpet gets completed.


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Gail said...

Not a tree in sight! Diana is going to have plant some fast growing or more mature trees. We hope you will not forget us at St. Mark's

fitcchick1 said...

Wow - very nice. congratulations on your new home