Thursday, June 20, 2013

Refuge visit

I took a couple of hours today and visited the Farmington Bay Wildlife Refuge.  I hadn't been up there since March so was curious about how it was faring.
It is much drier than in past years; I was able to walk out an OHV path to a stream where in the past it would have been much too wet. However, still lots of shorebirds - Avocets, Black-necked Stilts and the ubiquitous White-face Ibis everywhere. A Forster's tern or two took turns hunting over a small pond - these birds are infinitely graceful like ballerinas! I surprised - and was surprised by a Black-crowned Night Heron who flew in a circle to check me out and then off and away.
Lots of activity for only a couple of hours. Going back for a day when it is earlier and longer!
Here's some shots for you:

Yellow-headed blackbird watching me closely.

Black-crowned night heron flew in a circle and checked me out.

Flower and the bee.

Mother Coot.

Baby coot - he's even uglier than his parents!!!

A classic view of the small islands in the pond with white pelicans and cormorants, with Canadian geese on the far shore.

The Great Blue Heron rookery is pretty well settled this year.

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Gail said...

Mama coot looks angry. Is it the red eye? or the line of her mouth? Or did you threaten her baby?