Monday, October 1, 2012

Manti LaSal Mountains - again

Murphy and I spent the weekend off the grid at a friend's cabin in the mountains, assisting in the orderly replacement of a door and frame. Along with the work, we got to enjoy the beauty and beautiful it was!
Every day was sunny, with a nice breeze that turned cold when the sun went down. Temp dropped to 36 or so at night, so we built a fire both mornings to take the chill off. Murphy and his friend Chaco played a lot and we all took long walks.

The fall colors were overwhelming - I often felt like I was in a ocean of color with spray of yellow and orange and green flowing over me. Capturing the colors and mood is challenging but gotta try.  Here's a few from the first day that I liked.  The initial ones are from Fairview canyon on our way up, and then others are from the cabin and from the top of the mountain.


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