Sunday, October 21, 2012

Leaving Snowville - destination Sun Tunnels

As we drove west on Hwy 30, there were quite a few hawks on the poles by the road.  Most of them were rough-legged hawks, and their heads are very different from the red-tails. The land is farmed out there, including an organic farm noted by the sign that said ' no spraying, organic farming'.

The land is open here, however you can see ranch buildings and work occurring. In the distance, smoke billows from a field clearing fire, and dust devils are stirred up by trucks and work equipment on the dry land. Stacks of hay in various shapes of bales line the roadside at the various storage places.  Ranches and farms have their signs, some elegant and others fairly straight-forward.

Once you leave the farmed lands, the cow ranches begin to appear and there is even less to see on the land as far as equipment and activity.  The road was filled with orange coated men coming back home from their opening morning deer hunt. Large semi-trucks swoosh by and leave the fragrance of cow manure behind. Murphy and I take a break and wander through the sagebrush just off the road and discover the skull of a cow. Imagine the odds of stopping in just that place to take a walk  - and there are the bones.

Color in the desert is pretty bland - except when you find a Cottonwood in color.  The colors light up the landscape for miles.

Travelling on to the Sun Tunnels........

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