Thursday, September 3, 2009

Manage the light!

I sat out on the porch early this morning, drinking coffee and getting licks from Murphy! As I gazed over the wonderful flowers and flower pots, my eye kept coming back to the light and color mix of this one. So of course, I grabbed the camera and started shooting. 40 shots later, I had this one which reflected what I was seeing/feeling at the time. This was shot handheld at 500 ISO and 1/6 sec. All I've done is add some vividness to it in Lightroom.
As an aside, I took the opportunity to use the AE button on the back of the camera to experiment with selecting exposure from different areas and then compose and focus on the subject. What an amazing thing! This picture was exposed for a mid-level light on another area, then recomposed to get this. If I exposed on this it would have overexposed the picture (for my desires) and would have been a longer shutter speed making it blurry. I know 'cause I did several of those also.

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