Sunday, August 9, 2009


Murphy looks at me sometimes in the most adoring manner. I know I make it all up, but it's fun.
We're spending the weekend in Boulder, UT, doing a small road trip. Staying at the Boulder Mountain Lodge, a very nice establishment with Hell's Backbone Grill on the property. The Grill is quite well known for excellent food, which we sampled last night. Plus an excellent wine list for those of you that indulge.
Diana and I were sitting in the Adirondack chairs in back of our room, listening to the ducks and yellow-headed blackbirds in the nature preserve right next to us. Murph turned around and I had to take his picture. The more I worked with it in color the less satisfied I was, and B&W turned out to be the way in which I envisioned him!

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Nanci said...

what a sweet puppy dog!