Wednesday, May 9, 2018

First Uinta trip..

Molly and I spent much of the day wandering through the woods and beaver ponds around Mill Hollow in the Uintas. The road stopped me at about 9200 feet - I decided that the Highlander should not be a truck!!
It is early in the mountains, with the wispy green of the first aspen leaves coming out on the trees around 8000 feet. Above that pretty much needs another week or so to get going.
No animals to be seen - and not much food for them anyway. Hoped I'd see a moose but maybe next time. The closest we got was the 'look out for bears' sign!

Here's a bunch of photos from today - flowers and water and new growth and just the high environment in the early spring. Wet and Wild...

Starting with Sandhill cranes in the fields around Kamas..

Water everywhere

A snow lover..

I've not seen these before - probably never noticed them..

Where there is water there is Molly...

Mill Hollow - still icy and bearing the tracks of enthusiastic snowmobilers...

The cycle of life continues..


Drabs of color in an otherwise barren landscape..

New life feeds on old..

Ready Dad?......

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