Friday, December 29, 2017

Day of the Hawks...

Thursday was a sunny day so out to the refuge a bit early to avoid the later smog buildup that really makes it hard to get a crisp photo.
Hawks were showing up before I got through the refuge gates - a juvenile Dark morph Redtail in the trees a long way away.  Hadn't seen the dark morph for a long time.
Then onto the cute juvenile Red-tail that has been posing for everyone - he did it again and again for me. A Sharp-shinned hawk flew in with a red-tailed hawk - cute little devil!

Hoarfrost makes the world so different so got a few shots of that, and of a Killdeer hunting in the mud. So great to be out - Molly and I parked the car and took a walk, when we were returning, the redtail was sitting on a post by the car! Cute!

Here's the dark morph redtail.

Juvenile red-tailed hawk in these next photos. So beautiful agains the sky and surrounded by the hoarfrost on the branches.

GBH staying away from hunters in the fields.

Killdeer feeding.

Redtail again..

Hoarfrost on grass and teasels changes the experience.

Sharp-shinned hawk - it was flying with a red-tailed but the red-tailed paid no attention to it.

After working hard to find birds here it was - right where I could have stayed and taken photos.

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