Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Great walk at the refuge

The main refuge road is closed from Goose Egg Hill on, so to get down to the bridges one either walks or rides a bike. Bill and I walked, his first time at the refuge, and we saw a number of birds, several herons. But we did prove that birds are allergic to moving human beings as they all flew well in advance of us.
Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable walk down to the second bridge, under a cloudy day that didn't turn warm until much later. We did see a number of birds while in the truck on the initial section of the refuge road.

Yellow-headed blackbirds are back!

Ducks everywhere!

Grey ghost hunting.

While pelicans hanging out.

Unusual for three herons to be flying together.

Run, baby, run!

Red-tailed hawk flew from pole to pole to entertain us until I had sufficient photos, then off it went.

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