Monday, June 6, 2016

Desert Springs

Horseshoe Springs has two fairly deep pools with the outflow joining together to form the horseshoe. Desert wildlife love it as does Murphy cause he can get wet and find a whole bunch of new smells all in one place.
As anticipated the Avocets had left and only the Black-necked Stilts were there - along with a couple of Pelicans, of all birds! The Stilts buzzed us and gave us hell and the pelicans then joined in to buzz us also. I've not ever had pelicans fly right at me like these two did!  Perhaps they were joining in the Stilts call for us to leave!
We did leave and after about 20 feet the birds all quieted down. Fascinating to be a part of their lives.

One side of the springs of Horseshoe.

Great to see the dragonflies back.

Here's the gorgeous pelicans. We are so lucky here in Utah to have these as 'common' birds.

Then the Stilts - beautiful in their gangliness and protective stances.

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