Friday, January 29, 2016

Sneaking off to the Refuge

Diana had a knee replacement Wednesday and the hospital is quite close to the refuge so Murphy and I snuck off to the refuge for a couple of hours yesterday after lunch. The scene at that time was mostly Kestrels and Harriers with a number of Bald Eagles sitting on the ice waaaayyy out there so they are just black spots!
I saw a couple of GBH's flying by but none at the fishing spot around 1 to 3pm. But enough cuteness and beauty was available to keep me happy!

Murphy is a very photographed dog!

Common Goldeneye's are very beautiful.

Harriers not only fly above the grasses they fly in them also!

Something about the GBH's flying that I love.

Here's cuteness and beauty all wrapped into  a bird.

Common mallards provide such beauty without even trying.

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