Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beauty in Words

Our friend Katherine penned this poem when she heard about us moving to Erda. Both Diana and I were very moved by it.
Thank you Katherine!

Unfinished Adobe

Happening upon a shell of adobes
in the high desert dusk, raw
mud cakes stacked eight feet
to the sky, windows conjured by dark
spaces left open to the night,                                             

we find a ladder propped
against the earthen bricks, and climb
past straw-studded mud still warm
from the sun, to gallons of stars
spilled high above the unroofed                                          
house, the last pink strand of day
stretched across the west.

And though we inhabit another house now,
with proper lid and plaster, when the owl
calls at dusk, all that is unfinished                                    
in our lives pulls us up
that ladder, rung by rung,
brick by warm mud brick, past
the edge of the earth on our way

to the waiting moon                                                     

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